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Multi Testers – Extech HT30 Heat Stress WBGT Meter

Be grateful for viewing these pages. For any individual who is trying to find the very best Multi Testers items and trustworthy, we recommend Extech HT30 Heat Stress WBGT Meter as the best choice for you to have an inexpensive rate and good quality. To ensure you get the maximum take advantage of this product, following an evaluation of Extech HT30 Heat Stress WBGT Meter.

Extech HT30 Heat Stress WBGT Meter

Features and Specifications: Extech HT30 Heat Stress WBGT Meter

  • Auto power off with override
  • Built-in RS-232 interface with optional PC software
  • In/out function displays the WGBT value with or without direct sun exposure
  • Black globe temp monitors the effects of direct solar radiation on an exposed surface
  • 0-100% RH

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Heat Stress WBGT Meter

The Heat Stress WBGT (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature) Meter accurately determines Heat Stress levels — how hot it feels outside — by factoring humidity, temperature, air velocity, and direct solar radiation using the HT30’s Black Globe tip. Comes with two AAA batteries and user manual.

Additional Features

Additional features include Auto Power Off with override, and a built-in RS-232 interface with optional Windows-compatible software allows users to compile data on environmental conditions and generate reports.

Why is Heat Index Important?

The National Weather Service devised the “Heat Index” (HI), (sometimes referred to as the “Apparent Temperature”) as a measure of human-perceived equivalent temperature — how hot it really feels in degrees Fahrenheit — when air temperature is factored in with relative humidity. For example, if the air temperature is 95 degrees F and the relative humidity is 65%, it actually feels like it is 119 degrees F.

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Outdoor supervisors and coaches are charged with safeguarding the well-being of their workers and players. This includes monitoring environmental conditions to prevent people from succumbing to the effects of heat stress, especially during outdoor activities taking place from late spring to early fall. To protect the health of their workers and athletes, many supervisors and coaches are monitoring heat, humidity and other environmental factors (including stifling indoor conditions). This is because environments over 80 degrees F combined with high humidity reduce a person’s ability to dissipate heat.

Even when environmental conditions may seem safe, temperature and humidity can rise quickly. This is compounded by other factors — overexertion, improper hydration, and heavy gear — that can all take a toll on a person’s health. This is why monitoring environmental conditions is so important.

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Heat Index Psychrometer

Monitor Heat Index on hot humid days to prevent heat stroke during outdoor activities, sporting events, or in the workplace. Heat Index measures how hot it feels when Humidity is combined with temperature, air movement, and radiant heat. Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) considers the effects of temperature, humidity, and direct or radiant sunlight. The built-in multi-parameter sensor can measure: Heat Index (-50 to 401 degrees F /-46 to 205 degrees C), WGBT (-13 to 131 degrees F /-25 to 55 degrees C), Humidity (0 to 99.9 percent RH), Temperature (-4 to 122 degrees F /-20 to 50 degrees C), Dew Point (-108 to 122 degrees F /-78 to 50 degrees C) and Wet Bulb (-4 to 122 degrees F /-20 to 50 degrees C). Additional features include: user programmable Heat Index/WBGT alarm, Min/Max/Average, readout in degrees F/ degrees C, Data Hold, and Auto power off with disable. Comes with CR2032 battery.

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HeatWatch Stopwatch

The HW30 is a must-have tool for monitoring Heat Index levels, which can help protect outdoor workers and athletes from various heat-related illnesses — everything from heat rashes and heat cramps to heat exhaustion and heat stroke — during oppressive hot weather or stifling indoor conditions. Recommended by the National Health & Wellness Club, the HeatWatch is a fully functional digital stopwatch that factors both temperature and humidity to display the Heat Index. The HW30 includes a user-programmable heat index alarm. The HW30 comes with a 39-inch (1 meter) lanyard, one 3V CR2032 battery, and user guide.

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