%# Extech MA640-K Phase Rotation/Clamp Meter Test Kit

Multi Testers – Extech MA640-K Phase Rotation/Clamp Meter Test Kit

Appreciate browsing this blog. For any individual who is looking for the very best Multi Testers products and trustworthy, we advise Extech MA640-K Phase Rotation/Clamp Meter Test Kit as the ideal option for you to have a budget friendly rate and excellent quality. To guarantee you get the maximum gain from this item, following an evaluation of Extech MA640-K Phase Rotation/Clamp Meter Test Kit.

Extech MA640-K Phase Rotation/Clamp Meter Test Kit

Features and Specifications: Extech MA640-K Phase Rotation/Clamp Meter Test Kit

  • MA640 600A true rms meter
  • 480400 3-phase rotation tester
  • DV25 dual range ac voltage detector
  • Audible and visual indications
  • Type K thermocouple bead probe

Essentials for Effective Plant Maintenance

To tackle most electrical plant maintenance issues, Extech grouped several indispensable tools into the MA640-K Plant Maintenance kit. The right-sized Extech MA640 clamp meters offer plant maintenance techs and electricians a test instrument with a host of advanced multimeter and current measurement capabilities. The 480400 Rotation Tester is useful for validating proper phase sequencing and ensuring motors aren’t improperly connected, putting equipment at risk for damage from reverse rotation. The DV25 Dual-Range AC Voltage Detector & Flashlight is ideal for “first pass” safety checks for energized equipment—and illuminating dark corners or poorly illuminated sites. The three tools come together with professional test leads, thermocouple bead probe, and a soft carrying case. Learn more about each tool below.

MA640 600A True RMS autoranging AC/DC clamp meter

The Extech MA640 is a 600A True RMS, autoranging AC/DC clamp meter that is compact and easy to hold. Whether you are performing amp readings in a heavy duty industrial setting or doing commercial electrical work, the 600A rating and ample 1.5 inches (40mm) jaw opening can accommodate most inspection targets, swallowing conductors up to 750 MCM. You can easily read the large, illuminated, dual display even in poorly lit job sites. The 4-digit (6,000-count) LCD screen is complemented by a bargraph readout designed to simulate an analog display. You can operate the meter with one hand, having a thumb-dial selector that is ergonomically placed off the side of the meter. The heart of the MA640 is an advanced digital multimeter. You can select auto- or manual-ranging and measurement functions cover all types of troubleshooting over and above noninvasive current probe measurements: voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, diode and continuity tests. Even measure temperature with the supplied Type K bead wire probe. For enhanced diagnostics you can use one of several one-button functions: press HOLD to freeze a reading on the LCD; MAX/MIN tracks and display maximum and minimum values (useful for blind measurements); and REL activates Relative mode for “zeroing out” the meter, useful for improving the accuracy of DC current measurements.

True RMS Compensates for Distortion from Electronic Devices

It can be very difficult to make accurate current and voltage readings in industrial and commercial applications when electronic devices are present. Fluorescent lights, motor drives, computer power supplies, and other electronic systems can distort the AC waveform, making it hard for averaging meters to get an accurate read. True RMS uses a more advanced formula to adjust for this kind of distortion. One important safety tool that is built in to the MA640 is a non-contact voltage (NCV) detector. The detector quickly identifies the presence of voltage on live wires and alerts the user with a red LED indicator. For you, this eliminates the need for a separate tester, offering you more value, added safety, and less tool bag clutter. The MA640 uses one 9-volt battery and is CAT III-rated. NIST certification is also available.

What’s in the Box

MA640-K Plant Maintenance kit comes with MA640 clamp meter, 480400 phase rotation tester, and DV25 NCV detector. Also included: double molded pro test leads, thermocouple bead probe and adaptor, color-coded alligator clips and cable, 9-volt battery, soft carrying case, and user manual. The MA640-K is backed by a one-year limited warranty.


480400 Extech 600-Volt 400 Hz Phase Rotation Tester

The Extech Phase Rotation Tester is a must have tool for checking phase sequence on electrical systems, drives, and motors. Rapidly confirm that rotation is correct. Color-coded test leads ensure a correct connection to verify that phase or rotation is running in the right direction. In any industrial environment where three phase motors are prevalent, this phase sequence tester will help you work more efficiently by identifying phase problems quickly and accurately. Pump motors are one example of a popular application for a phase rotation tester. For sites where disaster restoration work has been performed for example, the tester is useful when reconnecting air conditioning units. Rated to 600 volts, testing phase orientation of three phase power sources can be performed over a wide 15 to 400Hz frequency range. An informative multiline LCD display indicates phase orientation and also shows which phases are live. A durable double-molded housing protects the tester from drops, and three color coded, easy-to-open wide-jaw alligator clips make it easy to move from testing one motor to the next swiftly.


DV25 Dual-Range AC Voltage Detector & Flashlight

Use this compact pen-style voltage detector before you start any job. You can quickly and conveniently check for AC voltage prior to attaching your multimeter’s test leads to the device under test. With two ranges, you can optimize the detector’s sensitivity for applications with voltages as low as 24 VAC. When testing near live voltage, a bright red LED flashes to illuminate the tip. Plus, the built-in flashlight ensures you’re never in the dark.

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