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Dollies – EZ Moves Furniture Lifter & Furniture Slides

Many thanks for going to this blog. For anyone who is trying to find the finest Dollies products and trusted, we suggest EZ Moves Furniture Lifter & Furniture Slides as the ideal option for you to have a budget-friendly price and great quality. To guarantee you get the optimum benefit from this product, following a review of EZ Moves Furniture Lifter & Furniture Slides.

EZ Moves Furniture Lifter & Furniture Slides

Features and Specifications: EZ Moves Furniture Lifter & Furniture Slides

  • Set of 4, 5-3/4″ x 9-1/2″ EZ Move Skids
  • Furniture Lifter Lifts up to 280lb
  • Use your Furniture Lifter to help position your skids under your item.
  • Furniture Lifter is 25″ Tall. Use while standing
  • This is NOT the “As Seen on TV” knock off. These are the REAL Ez Move Lifter and Skids.

Package brought to you by Body-N-Home. This is not the cheap “As Seen on TV” furniture lifter with skids. The skids are 5-3/4″ x 9″ EZ Moves and they come in a set of 4. Skids are capable of moving objects with out barely any lifting needed. The PowerMaxx furniture lifter will allow you to lift furniture with one hand leaving the other free to place furniture skids, blocks or tabs under the legs. The furniture lifter is easy on your back, its heavy-duty design is built to last. This unit is great for rearranging furniture. Lifts up to 280lbs. The ultimate solution in easy furniture lifting. Package total includes 1 Power Maxfurniture lifter, and a set of 4 funiture slides. Note: If you order this package, and get a “As Seen on TV” kit, you got taken, these are not “As Seen on TV” kits. If you get a furniture lifter that comes in two pieces and you have to put it together, or it shows up, and you can take the metal frame apart with push buttons, then you got the cheap, knock off. Our lifter is a “real” 25″ EZ Lifter, and the frame is one sturdy piece, the frame does not come apart. Who wants to lift valuables with something that comes apart, which is why we only sell the “REAL” EZ Moves. We want all buyers to be aware, and protected.

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Make sure you buy the best quality items at unique prices if you are interested in buying this item. Before you purchase make certain you buy it at the shop that has a good credibility and good service. Thank you for seeing this page, we hope it can help you to get details of EZ Moves Furniture Lifter & Furniture Slides.