>>> KNIPEX 71 31 200 SBA High Leverage Cobolt Cutters with Notch

Bolt Cutters – KNIPEX 71 31 200 SBA High Leverage Cobolt Cutters with Notch

Thanks to checking out this blog. For any individual who is looking for the very best Bolt Cutters products and trusted, we recommend KNIPEX 71 31 200 SBA High Leverage Cobolt Cutters with Notch as the best option for you to have a budget friendly price and excellent quality. To guarantee you get the optimum benefit from this item, following an evaluation of KNIPEX 71 31 200 SBA High Leverage Cobolt Cutters with Notch.

KNIPEX 71 31 200 SBA High Leverage Cobolt Cutters with Notch

Features and Specifications: KNIPEX 71 31 200 SBA High Leverage Cobolt Cutters with Notch

  • Style 3: the recess in the blade allows easier cutting of thicker wires, e G For false ceilings
  • Cuts material like bolts, nails, rivets, etc Up to 52 mm dia
  • Exceptional cutting performance with minimum effort because of new lever action design
  • Cutting edges additionally induction hardened, cutting edge hardness approx 64 hrc

High leverage cobalt cutters with notch.

Cuts up to 1/4-inch diameter (view larger).

An all-around tool for the toughest demands, this Knipex high-leverage CoBolt cutter features a lever action design that applies 20 times more hand force for superior cutting power with less effort. This mini bolt cutter (model 71 31 200) can cut through more than you ever thought possible — up to 1/4-inch diameter with ease. It’s ideal for automotive or construction applications, cutting cotter pins and nails, repeated use in factory assembly lines, cutting wire fencing in agricultural settings, or even everyday tasks such as cutting floral wire or fish hooks.

Forged from chrome vanadium electric steel, it’s built to last. This lightweight, 8-inch cutter features precision-matched cutting edges for cutting soft or hard steel. The cutting edge recess near the joint keeps thicker wires in a better cutting position (optimum lever ratio), so there is no need to reposition the tool to achieve the desired cut. It’s completed with heavy duty plastic-coated handle grips.

Cutting edge recess (view larger).

Quality in Every Detail

Sometimes we give our pliers a really hard time. We try to destroy them to find out what makes them good and long-lasting. Because we don’t want to leave anything to chance, we take a long, careful look.

The steel Knipex uses is precisely hardened with a maximum of 0.8 percent carbon and defined parts of chromium and vanadium, guaranteeing optimum cutting performance and service life — even though it requires special production and costs a bit more. But our high product demands require this.

The rivet of our high-leverage diagonal cutter also has to stand up to a lot of stress. That’s why we literally give it backup: we forge it straight onto the pliers. This means extra effort as we have to precision mill the rivet to a few hundredth millimeters. But satisfied users are worth this effort.

Knipex also looks closely at the small details. The angles, the sharpness, the hardness, the toughness of the cutting edges. The precision and smooth movement of the joint. The handle design and the finish. We keep reviewing these subjects, we research, we test, and we improve our pliers.

About Knipex

Headquartered in Wuppertal, Germany, Knipex is an independently-owned family enterprise steeped in tradition and specializing in the manufacturing of high-quality pliers. It all started back in 1882 when C. Gustav Putsch set up his own forge shop in Cronenberg (now a suburb of Wuppertal), and the company is now run by a fourth generation of that family. The world’s leading brand in pliers today, Knipex is focused on the performance, service life, and ergonomics of its tools in order to meet the high expectations of professional users.

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71 31 200 CoBolt Mini Bolt Cutter

At a Glance
  • Exceptional cutting performance with minimal effort thanks to innovative lever action design
  • Easy cutting of any wire up to 1/4-inch
  • Precision, induction hardened cutting edges
  • Jaw notch recess for even better holding and cutting
  • Cutting edge hardness of 64 HRC (approximate)
  • Chrome vanadium heavy-duty steel, forged and oil-hardened

See larger image.

  • Cutting capacity: Up to 1/4-inch for copper and plastics; 13/64-inch nail and wire pin; 5/32-inch wire rope strand and steel wire; 9/64-inch spring steel wire
  • Length: 8 inches
  • Weight: 11.6 ounces
  • Handles: Plastic coated

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